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How To Get Your IRS Tax & W2 Transcripts Online

Go to the IRS transcript transcript tool page you want to click the get transcripts online which will bring you then to the login page as you can see here and you’ll log in and you’ll be put to put in your password and then once you put in your password or set up your account if you have a set up look how yet you’re going to text you a code it’s like a security code so you’ll put that code into your transcript tool and then once you put in the code it comes to a page and it asks you to choose a reason for a while you’re looking for a transcript because they want to make sure I just not anyone’s getting transcripts and they really honestly don’t want people checking their transcripts just to find out they’re getting a refund IRS always tells everyone it doesn’t mean anything but if you know what to look for it actually does mean stuff which is all explained in other videos so i always just select housing assistance and then you’ll get to the page of all your available transcripts online okay so you’ll choose the year on this one I’ve circled the 2016 and the transcript that you need to look at is not the return transcript some of the record of the count transcript you need to look at the account transcript okay so when you see people on the forums talking about transcripts and they were all able to learn their transcripts


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